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Packages that use SchedulerPlugin
org.quartz.core Contains the core classes and interfaces for the Quartz job scheduler. 

Uses of SchedulerPlugin in org.quartz.core

Methods in org.quartz.core with parameters of type SchedulerPlugin
 void QuartzSchedulerResources.addSchedulerPlugin(SchedulerPlugin plugin)
           Add the given SchedulerPlugin for the QuartzScheduler to use.

Uses of SchedulerPlugin in org.quartz.plugins

Classes in org.quartz.plugins that implement SchedulerPlugin
 class SchedulerPluginWithUserTransactionSupport
          Base class for plugins that wish to support having their start and shutdown methods run within a UserTransaction.

Uses of SchedulerPlugin in org.quartz.plugins.history

Classes in org.quartz.plugins.history that implement SchedulerPlugin
 class LoggingJobHistoryPlugin
          Logs a history of all job executions (and execution vetos) via the Jakarta Commons-Logging framework.
 class LoggingTriggerHistoryPlugin
          Logs a history of all trigger firings via the Jakarta Commons-Logging framework.

Uses of SchedulerPlugin in

Classes in that implement SchedulerPlugin
 class ShutdownHookPlugin
          This plugin catches the event of the JVM terminating (such as upon a CRTL-C) and tells the scheuler to shutdown.

Uses of SchedulerPlugin in org.quartz.plugins.xml

Classes in org.quartz.plugins.xml that implement SchedulerPlugin
 class XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin
          This plugin loads XML file(s) to add jobs and schedule them with triggers as the scheduler is initialized, and can optionally periodically scan the file for changes.

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